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May 15, 2015

The HACVB Draws Global Tourists with New High-Tech Geocaching GeoTour

Houma Travel joins ranks with National Parks, Smithsonian, and destinations around the world to expand their reach with Geocaching GeoTours

The Houma Travel Geotour ( ) is the newest GeoTour welcoming explorers of all ages and available to six million Geocachers through and its smartphone apps.   The Houma Travel Geotour offers 25 unique caches which deliver adventures to downtown landmarks, historic locations, wildlife refuges, and cultural sights.

The HACVB’s Executive Director, Sharon Alford states, “The Houma Area Convention and Visitors Bureau is very pleased to launch Louisiana’s first official GeoTour. Geocaching is a very popular international phenomenon and is gaining popularity quickly. The bureau recognizes geocaching as being an excellent vehicle to introduce visitors to our many attractions across the parish and invite them to stay and experience our great area.”

A GeoTour is a tailored series of geocaches hidden at a destination’s points of interest. Tourists and adventurers search for geocaches—cleverly hidden containers that hold a logbook and often small trinkets for trade—using a GPS device or the Geocaching app for the iPhone, Android or Windows Phone. Geocaching is a free hobby that combines the outdoors, exercise, technology, and fun. The series of geocaches in a Geocaching GeoTour helps visitors discover a destination by conveying a historical story, revealing hidden vantage points, or bringing them to scenic locations.

The Houma Travel Geotour joins 50 other GeoTours around the globe hosted by parks, visitor bureaus or local communities. Travelers can explore the GeoTours page to find geocaches on their current trip or to decide their next vacation destination.

About Geocaching: is the world's largest location-based entertainment portal. It lists more than two million active geocaches in more than 180 countries around the world. Learn more at and watch this brief tutorial to learn about the adventure of geocaching. 

Houma Area Convention and Visitors Bureau Contact: Joey Pierce, Communications Manager,
Geocaching Media Contact: Eric Schudiske